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Snap-On Grand National – “The Show Goes On”

Snap-On Grand National – “The Show Goes On

Mirabel, Quebec June 10, 2013 - Imagine this. You are a director of a Broadway play and your star actor gets sick and the understudy just got admitted to rehab during the week before opening. The show is ready to go, the rest of the cast is rehearsed and the backers are waiting for their payback.
Your name and your entire career are on the line. What in Hell do you do now?

Well, that’s exactly where Series Remorques Montreal owner / promoter, Richard Arnold found himself last week. His main attraction for the Snap-On Grand National at Circuit ICAR in Mirabel, Quebec cancelled. The event is scheduled for June 15 – 16 … next weekend!

Arnold was faced with the bleakest of all tasks to “pull the curtain” on the event as many a director might do. Instead, he would not accept defeat, got really creative and to say the least, aggressive as hell.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Richard reasoned that he already had four Quebec based cars that were scheduled to race with the original group. That would leave him to find “only” twelve more doorslammers to fill the 16-car roster that he had promised Marc Arseneau, president of Circuit ICAR.

Yeah! Right!

With dogged determination and the help of dragracequebec.com, the pulse of the Quebec drag racing community, Arnold did muster up the entire required contingent of cars! To boot, he did it in just a couple of days!

Obviously, the word about Series Remorques Montreal’s predicament did, indeed, get out and it didn’t take long for the owners of some of Quebec’s fastest cars to be in touch with Richard; quicker than he could ever anticipate.

Their response to the situation is no surprise to this writer. I believe that the common factor in all Canadian drag racers is that they are there to promote their sport and do what it takes to ensure its survival and growth.

Richard agrees and takes it a little farther for the drag racing community in La Belle Province. During our interview, he emphatically complimented the tight Quebec / Eastern Ontario racers’ camaraderie.

Now – getting to these 16 guys who offered up their elite cars to save the show; Arnold is overwhelmed with their enthusiastic support. It didn’t take long to work out the details to get them together for the June 15 – 16 event. It didn’t take mega-negotiating either. Every one of them was there in the spirit of not only saving, but making the show dynamic.

As a matter of fact, their cars will offer fans much better variety. Besides the Pro Mods, there are Alcohol Funny Cars, Pro Stocks and Outlaws in the mix. No doubt, there will be plenty of power and lots of eye candy for the spectators.

You really have to sit back and consider that these racers are not a club or organization; yet they are destined to put on a show like none other. Their sheer passion and skills combined with their very capable cars will produce crowd pleasing, memorable entertainment for every ticket holder at the old Mirabel airport.

Richard Arnold has this to say about the harrowing situation and fabulous outcome. “Unfortunately, I was forced to change up the show line up at last minute. It was very stressful at first thought, but I knew that there are many quality cars and racers in this province and neighbor communities in Ontario. When I started to get the positive response from the racers, I realized just how many great cars and drivers were available in my own back yard.”

“In my 36 years in drag racing, I can’t remember ever seeing a major event that was built on all of these guys together. This is a “first” and I foresee another race that features them in the future. This is something that I believe will be a huge attraction for Quebec fans. It’s really very exciting to be able to showcase the amazing power and beauty of homegrown cars that can match the entertainment of the professional programs.”

Sometimes adversity results in opportunity. This situation just may be the birth of a dynamic new chapter in Quebec drag racing history!

Folks, the Snap-On Grand National isn’t just any show. It’s one that is happening because a steadfast owner would not be knocked down and a bunch of racers who have what it takes to put on a dynamic and entertaining weekend of drag racing! You simply don’t want to miss it!

Richard would like to express his absolute gratitude to his media friend, Mike Newman who got the word out and to the racers who stepped up to ensure that “The Show Goes On”. Thanks to: Ghislain Beaulieu of Lac Etchemin, Martin Lachance of Québec, Denis Lachance of Québec, Rudolphe Nadeau and Denise Nadeau of Ste-Clotilde de Châteauguay,  Éric Proulx of Rimouski, François Angers of Laval, Alain Langlois of Québec, Steve Légaré of Trois-Rivière, Richard Péloquin of Québec, Rob Lapperriere of Oshawa, ON, André Ballabey and Luc Trépanier of St-Michel, Léo Rea of Laval, George Levesque of Vars, ON, Michel Bastien of Terrebonne, and Bob Gagné and Claude Robitaille of Québec.

Here are some quick details about the Snap-On Grand National: 

Saturday, June 15 & Sunday, June 16

Circuit ICAR - Mirabel, Quebec (20 minutes north of Montreal)

General Admission: $25 per day – Kids under 12 years - Free

Racer Win Payouts: Super Pro - $2,500 … Pro - $1,000 … Street - % of entries based on car count … Junior Dragster – 100% payback from entries

For more information about Series Remorques Montreal visit: http://serieremorquesmontreal.dragracequebec.com/

For more information about the Snap-On Grand National visit: www.cicuiticar.com or phone 450-477-4135 or 514-755-4135.

Photos courtesy of : DragRaceQuebec, Daniel Hamel, ZEN Photo

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